The Florida gopher tortoise is listed as a Threatened Species. Please look under your car when backing out of parking spaces, drive slowly and stay on marked trails or the boardwalk. 


Does the Preserve have kayak rental?

To inquire about rentals please visit or phone 833-502-3224 ext 2 for current information and hours.

When is the next beach clean-up?

No official clean-up is scheduled at this time.

Does the Preserve have chair and umbrella rentals available?

To inquire about rentals please visit or phone 833-502-3224 ext 2 for current information and hours.

Does the Preserve offer Beach Wheelchairs?

A beach wheelchair is available at no charge but you can not reserve it.   Unfortunately storm damage has taken out the ramp access so the only way to get the wheelchair onto the beach is by going down a few steps or going to the beach entrance at parking lot three.  The ramp is scheduled to be fixed but no date as to when the repair is scheduled.   If needed check with the booth attendant upon your arrival and he/she will give you direction.

Does the Preserve have food and drinks?

For Food orders call 1 833 5Nickyp – drop off or pick up available  Beach chairs, umbrellas, and kayaks are available for rent by visiting or call Beach Rental at 833-502-3224 Ext 2 for current information. 

Is there a yearly pass available?

No. Parking cost is $8.00 or a Collier County Beach sticker for Collier County residents only. CLICK HERE to learn more.

I want to volunteer. Who do I contact?

Please visit our Volunteer page and fill out the information request form.

Is the parking lot full?

Parking is limited and our beach is very popular during the month of March and holidays.

Can I volunteer with sea turtle reporting?

No, but CLICK HERE to learn more about Collier County Sea Turtle Protection.

How do I contact a ranger?

If serious call 911, if to report a service request 311 through Collier web site or app.  If non-emergency contact the booth attendant at the preserve entrance and he/she will radio the ranger.

Preserve Rules

Collier County Regulations ~ Visitors are not permitted to bring the following into the Preserve:

  • Barbeque grills
  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol
  • Glass
  • Pets

Preserve Hours

8:00 a.m. to Sunset