(Coccoloba uvifera)

Seagrapes can reach 50-60 feet, but are often shorter near the beach due to water and wind effects. They can be used in yards and trimmed into hedges. These plants help stabilize the dunes and are native. Small white flowers on long spikes bloom year-round. The green fruits turn purple when mature. Each berry has a single large seed and occurs in elongated clusters. The individual berries in a cluster ripen in stages making it more difficult to collect the edible berries but provide food for birds and other animals over a long period of time. The ripe fruit is edible and may be made into jelly or wine. The astringent roots, leaves, and bark have each been used to make a tea to treat hoarseness, asthma, hemorrhage, and diarrhea.

Information Provided by the Friends of Barefoot Beach Preserve
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